Preparing for a Cleanse



Preparing for the cleanse is just as important as cleansing itself. It’s best to ease yourself into it by eating clean, whole foods prior to starting your cleanse. What you eat and drink beforehand is a huge factor in determining your success! To avoid sugar crashes and mini-headaches, give your body a heads up of the great things to come. Feed your body mostly fresh veggies, fruits and lean protein. Avoid processed foods, refined sugars and fatty meats 2-3 days prior to cleansing.

If you prepare your body ahead of time with a healthy diet you will help the toxins easily move out of your system without any pesky cravings. A successful cleanse takes a little prep work, but the possibility of newfound energy, glowing skin, elevated mood, and a little trim off the waistline is a happy payoff.


  • Start your morning with Bottle #1 of the nekter cleanse.
  • Continue drinking bottles 2-6 every 2-3 hours or when you feel hungry.
  • Drink plenty of water in between bottles to further help move the toxins out of your body. This also helps to curb food cravings
  • Bottle #6 is your “dessert” drink before bedtime designed to relax your muscles and help you sleep Follow these directions daily as described for the length of your cleanse.


  • Drink plenty of water Keep your cleanse drinks refrigerated at all times (the center of your fridge is the coolest).
  • Feeling hungry? We want you to have a successful, but pleasant cleanse so a handful of raw almonds or half of an avocado wrapped in lettuce is a healthy, cleanse-approved snack!


Congratulations! You finished a successful cleanse! You may be feeling a positive difference in your energy level, mood and skin. Now that your insides are cheering “Thank you!” - keep up the good work!

  • Slowly reintroduce solid foods into your system. Try a juice or two for the first few days in addition to light meals.
  • Begin with lightly steamed vegetables and fresh fruits. Gradually introduce nuts and other sources of healthy protein.
  • Use the cleanse as a springboard to start making better food and drink choices. Soon you’ll be saying goodbye to processed foods and saying hello to clean, whole foods!
  • Enjoy the goodness a cleanse brings to your system and to your soul. Share the positive energy and good health each cold-pressed drink inspires.

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