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the Nékter Loyalty App

How it Works:



Free Juice or Smoothie Signup Offer!

New members: Get a Free 16oz Juice or Smoothie when you download the Nekter Rewards app and sign up.

Free Item

Collect 10 Fruits and earn a Free Menu Item of your choice!

Birthday Treat

We’ll treat you to a free item on your birthday

Share the Health

Enjoy a $3 juice or smoothie (16 oz.) every time you refer a friend who activates the Nékter Loyalty App and makes a purchase

Exclusive Offers

Get exclusive offers just for our members

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How does the Nékter Loyalty Program work?

Earn 1 Fruit each time you make a purchase in-store or for online ordering using your smartphone or computer! Have your app ready to scan before you pay for your order. Select “Rewards” located at the bottom and tap “Earn” for the QR code to appear. Please have the QR code scanned in order to receive a fruit for your transaction for all qualifying purchases of one dollar or more. If you pay for online ordering, your Fruit is automatically added to your account! Please just make sure to be signed into your account. Those who sign in as a "guest" will not earn a Fruit per transaction.

How many Fruits do I need to collect to receive a reward?

Collect 10 Fruits to receive a Free Menu Item of your choice! The blue Fruit cups in the “Rewards” tab show how many Fruits you have to go until you receive your next Free Menu Item. If you have a Free Menu Item to redeem, you can select "Redeem" to view your available rewards and offers! Please do not select "Redeem Reward" until you are in-store and ready to use. Free Menu Item Rewards last for 60 days, and we will send you a reminder when your reward is about to expire. 

I paid for my order and forgot to have my new app scanned.
Can I still get my Fruit?

Yes, please either scan the barcode at the bottom of your receipt or enter the unique barcode number into the App. Please select “Rewards” at the bottom of your screen and tap “Earn Visit”. From there, select “Scan Barcode” for your camera to be accessed. You will need to hold the camera over the barcode in order to scan. If you are experiencing difficulty scanning the barcode or prefer to enter the barcode number manually, please select “Enter Barcode”. From there, please enter the unique barcode and select “Submit.” Please note that the barcode must be scanned or the barcode number must be entered in manually within 48 hours.

I just paid and picked up my online order.
How can I get my Fruit?

Once you register and are signed into the app, you do not need to do anything else to receive a Fruit for your online order. A Fruit will be added to your account automatically as long as you are not checking out as a "guest". For all cleanse orders placed through our website, please email your order confirmation number to

I didn't receive my Fruit when I purchase my item. Why?

Fruits and Rewards can take up to 24 hours to appear in your account. The blue Fruit cups in the “Rewards” tab show how many Fruits you have to go until you receive your next Free Menu Item. If you have a Free Menu Item to redeem, please swipe to the left to see your reward.

I purchased a Nékter Juice Bar item through a third party vendor, will I still receive a fruit?

Sorry, no. Fruits are earned for menu items, healthy snacks, and Grab 'N Go's that are paid for in-store at Nékter Juice Bar locations or through Nékter Juice Bar's online ordering service. For online ordering, you will receive a Fruit automatically if you are signed in and do not check out as a "guest". Third party vendors such as Costco, UberEATS, LAX café, etc. do not receive a fruit per transaction.

If I purchase two or more items in one transaction,
do I earn an equal amount of fruits?

Sorry, no. Fruits are earned based on each visit.

Can I have more than one account on my device?

Sorry, no. Multiple accounts used on the same device will not work with the rewards program. The guest with multiple accounts made on one device will be deactivated or banned from the rewards program altogether.

Are add-ons included in offers?

Most add-ons are extra - ask your juicer if you have any questions!

Why is the app asking for my location data?

We only use location data for 3 reasons: 1) To link you to the Nékter location that you are checking in at 2) To find the nearest Nékter to you, and 3) If you happen to be by a nearby Nékter Juice Bar location, we may send you a special offer.
We do not use your location data for any other purpose.