All natural, consciously crafted teas and drinks from Nekter Juice Bar and Tractor Beverage.

Refreshing, Flavorful


This spring, Nekter Juice Bar partners with Tractor Beverages to launch a feel-good line of Freshers teas and drinks consciously crafted with all-natural ingredients that pair well with your favorite bowl or on-the-go snack.

Founded by organic farmer Travis Potter with a mission to make drinks he would proudly serve his family, Tractor crafts beverages inspired by the functional benefits and flavors of organically grown fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Tractor sustainably sources their ingredients from Certified Organic farms around the world and use time-honored methods to create the purest expression of flavor possible.

Strawberry Green Tea

An ideal light and refreshing morning or afternoon pick-me-up, this freshly made and unsweetened tea features green tea infused with orange blossom and mint and toped with fresh diced strawberries.

Black Tea

Dark, bold, and brisk, the Black Tea Fresher presents a full-bodied, refreshing flavor that is garnished with fresh orange slices to deliver a strong-yet-smooth composition with a hint of citrusy sweetness.

Pitaya Passion

Like spring in a cup, this citrusy limeade is a perfectly balanced combination of lime juice, dragon fruit, turmeric, and fresh lemon slices.