Keep It Real

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Real People, Real Ingredients, for Real Change

We invited real Nekter guests to participate in our Keep It Real challenge. The goal of “Keep It Real” is to make small, sustainable life changes that positively impact your overall health. 

Our Keep It Real participants began their challenge with a Nekter cleanse of their choice. After they completed their cleanse, we asked them to make one small change each day that would positively impact their health. Some examples included adding more real foods such as fruits and veggies to their diets, eating mindfully, and moving more. We followed along their journey to see how they did!

Meet our real people 


Tekea H.

When I got hungry throughout the day I was less tempted to grab chips, chocolate and the like.


Nelson N.

“Immunity, metabolism and protein… perfect to help with my fitness goals.”


Jazmin N.

I felt better overall and had more energy.



Thank you for giving me energy (at any time of day) and a healthy tummy with your new metabolism boost that I added along with the Vanilla Pea Protein.


Lindsay H.

I feel stronger in my mind and body!

Join the challenge!

For the next 21 days, commit to "Keep it Real." We recommend kicking things off with a cleanse to start fresh, and then make 1 small change to your health every day.
It can be as simple as swapping processed foods for fresh fruits and veggies, getting in extra steps every day, or getting more sleep. Whatever you do, we're here to help. Our acai bowls and smoothies are filling, made with whole, natural ingredients and are packed with antioxidants. Challenge yourself to start your year off right, and remember to Keep it Real!


anti inflammatory

Katherine C.

After just 2 days of cleansing, I felt more energized and my stomach felt much better.


Sarah F.

“I noticed a change in my mental clarity, weight loss, better sleep, less cravings, better digestion and more energy!”


Belinda W.

I have seen significant differences. I have lost over 5 pounds; which feels amazing.


Meredith M.

It is a big motivator for a healthy lifestyle and helps with boosting and helping feel confident inside and out. I feel so much more confident.


Tara N.

I experienced better digestion, clearer skin, and decreased bloating - it was a nice health and wellness program to promote healthy living/an all around healthy lifestyle stronger in my mind and body!

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