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The Nekter Story

Just a small town story about a guy and a girl trying to save the world one vegetable at a time – with juicers, not capes.

Meet Steve and Alexis Schulze – a couple with a passion for healthy living and compassion for their community; destined to bring goodness into a world of unhealthy consumption.

On their quest for the perfect morning, start-your-day-drink (a nutritious, yet tasty alternative to coffee), Steve and Alexis found their choices were sugar to none.

Most juice bars claim to be good for you, however their drink and snack offerings (once their clever disguises are revealed) are just sugary, preservative-crazed substitutes for their all-natural counterparts. Were the dynamic duo meant to be home-juicers for life?

Thinking outside the juice box, Steve and Alexis decided to create a simple blueprint for a vibrant, neighborhood juice bar where fresh fruits and vegetables could get a daily workout while keeping prices accessible to all and uniting taste buds everywhere to embrace the green juice.

It wasn’t long before their kitchen was buzzing with the sound of juicers and blenders creating delicious recipes that would soon make up the Nekter Menu.

In 2010, Steve and Alexis opened the very first neighborhood Nekter Juice Bar in Costa Mesa. Their fresh juices and smoothies packed with robust greens and smoothies were joined by a wide assortment of equally nutritious snacks, acai bowls, bottled Nekter Grab n’ Gos and the popular 1,2,3 & 5-day Nekter Cleanse Program – 15lbs of cold pressed fruits and vegetables packed into a day’s cleanse.

It wasn’t long before the people were retiring their old coffee mugs for a fresh Nekter Juice. Since 2010, Nekter Juice Bar has expanded to new locations within Orange County and Los Angeles. Nationwide shipping of the Nekter Cleanse is reaching new fans across the map daily. Nekter Fans flood the social media and mail circuits raving about the difference Nekter juices and cleanses have made in their lives. As Nekter Juice Bar continues to grow, Steve and Alexis are still committed to changing the world – by delivering quality juice products and giving the Nekter communities the priceless gift of improved health and well-being.