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Read What People Have To Say About Nekter

"The three day cleanse is AMAZING! It will change your life. Juice = happy life!”
-Molly M.

"I just finished the 3 day cleanse and I am feeling so great!!! Can’t believe how easy it was!! I LOVE NEKTER JUICE BAR!!”
-Laura C.

“You know it is an obsession when you crave Nekter juices more than coffee. I can’t live without the Greenie and the Toxin Flush. I’ve done 2 cleanses and I feel fabulous! My skin looks amazing too.”
-Misha N.

“I have done the cleanse twice in the past 10 weeks and lost 18lbs – it changed my eating habits and feel awesome.”
-Mike S.

“Just wanted to let you know on much I enjoyed your Acai Bowl. I am gluten, dairy and soy intolerant and as you may well know, how hard it is to eat out. I just about cried when I found out I could actually eat something delicious for breakfast (or as a snack or whenever!) and not feel horrible afterward. Thanks again and keep up the wonderful work. By the way, I write a blog (I'm a personal trainer) and included a write up of Nekter Juice Bar and my experience: Click Here. Hope you like it!”
-Sharon T.

“Just finished the cleanse yesterday and I feel fantastic, loved it. Rachel thanks for assisting me in getting the 2 days from Costa Mesa, they had it ready and waiting when I arrived and Rob was great. My skin is glowing, energy restored....really just loved the whole experience and I plan to make this a regular lifestyle change. I actually and missing the juices today and sorry I didn't stop and get another 2 days! #6 rocks my world...”
-Leslie T.